Addis Ababa

A half and Full day city tour in Addis Ababa


Addis Ababa, One of the world’s highest capitals at 2355 meters above sea level, is a sprawling metropolis city.

Addis Ababa is an important place, not only as the hub of the country but also as the capital of the entire continent in keeping with Ethiopia’s honorary title “mother of all African countries”.

In Addition, its home to the headquarter of the Pan-African Organization the African Union, and the united Nations Economic commission for Africa.

The National Museum

There are also plenty of Land marks of its past, In the National Museum, You pay your respects to the remains of our ancestor, Lucy-surprisingly short and squat –whore wrote history on the origins of Humankind with her discovery in 1974.

Trinity Cathedral, (Haile Selassie church)

In the magnificent Holy Trinity cathedral fare well to Haile Selassie and his wife

With a viewing if their great granite tombs sitting side by side. Have beautiful wall paintings and Church treasures.

Ethnological Museum
The Ethnographic Museum has a wonderful exhibition of the culture, houses, cloth, objects and traditions of the many Ethiopian ethnic groups. On the second floor you can see an impressive exhibition of traditional musical instruments and religious art from 13th – 20th century.

A Real commercial hub of Addis Ababa

Mercato is a sprawling metro polish that never quite looks like a modern market. Instead, it feels frozen in the 1920s with prosaic old shopping centers, roads on which stray goats, sheep, cows and donkeys still wander.

It’s an important market not only as the hub of Addis Ababa but also as the biggest commodity supplier of the entire country.



In the Entoto Mountains you can enjoy the panoramic view over Addis Abeba, enjoy nature and visit the Entoto Maryam Church which is the oldest Church of Addis Abeba (YEAR), founded by Emperor Menelik II. Next to the Church is the Emperor Menelik and Empress Taitu Memorial Museum.

Addis Ababa
Trinity Chatderale
Ethnological Musuem
National Musuem